Listen to your body-wisdom that supports self-awareness and healing.

Wholebody Focusing emerged from Gene Gendlin’s practice of Focusing (www.focusing.org). With Wholebody Focusing, we access the wisdom of our whole-self as it is seeking to be expressed through the living body.

Have you ever had a sore throat before a presentation, had wobbly knees, or felt sick? These are examples of how our body might speak to you.  Wholebody Focusing teaches you how to be present to the sensations and feelings that are moving through your body in a way that enables you to understand the fullness of the message that is being conveyed to you. Learning this way of listening helps life open up so you discover your next step forward.

In a Wholebody Focusing session, you are very supported in learning how to listen to what you are feeling and allow it to speak to you. Through this process of listening to your body-wisdom, you discover:

  • Understanding
  • Relief
  • Insight
  • More inner spaciousness
  • Expanded awareness
  • The way forward in your current life situation

The benefits of Wholebody Focusing are:

  • Developing grounded presence
  • Learning how to listen to your feelings in a safe and healing way
  • Befriending your body and discovering the wisdom it offers you
  • Unwinding conditioned responses that may no longer serve you
  • Finding the way to move forward in a life situation that has you stuck
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Unwinding the stress-response
  • Finding relief from pain and tension
  • Developing a method of self-care that will serve you the rest of your life

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer and offer Wholebody Focusing Sessions to individuals:

  • In Person
  • By Phone
  • By Skype

I also offer Wholebody Focusing Training to groups. Please watch my website for upcoming training sessions.

“Wholebody Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of consciousness to awaken the inner wisdom of the living body, a knowing that is at the heart of every one of us. Beneath our conditioned and stressful patterns that are all too familiar to us, lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to unwind our stress and traumas and move forward our life situation. Wholebody Focusing offers us the resources we need to reconnect with this Body Wisdom, in order to reboot our particular life stoppages and to open us up to the fullness of ourselves.”
Foundation of the Wholebody Focusing Manual, Karen Whalen and Kevin McEvenue

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