The Course in Miracles describes a miracle as a shift in perspective.  When our perspective shifts, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.  We begin to see things that our old perspective wouldn’t allow us to see.  I think of these shifts in perspective as becoming miracle minded.

One shift in perspective that has changed my life was when I was journaling and these words came to me:

The question to ask isn’t “Where do I fit?”  The question to ask is “What fits me?”

This one statement has helped turn my life around. For years, I seldom felt like there was a place that I fit.  Asking myself ‘where do I fit?’ often created a feeling of anxiety.  It felt like I was looking but never finding.  I realized that I was looking outside of myself for the solution to ease my feeling of not fitting. I was looking outside of myself for acceptance. I also noticed I was blaming myself for not fitting in, as if I was somehow wrong.

When I began to ask myself ‘what fits me’, everything in me relaxed and my life changed.  I started to live my life from a place of internal motivation.  Instead of feeling like there was something wrong with me because I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, I began to look for experiences, people, work and play that felt like it fit who I am on the inside.  This opened up a whole new world of positive experiences that actually do fit who I am.  My inner world and outer world began to feel more cohesive.

In my search for what fits me, I have discovered that I like restaurants that play soft music and have dimmed lighting and candles.  I love going to coffee shops by myself to do my writing.  I enjoy dressing in clothes that are soft to the touch and have subdued colours.   I prefer to hang out with just a few people at a time, rather than be at a party with many people all at once.  I love working independently and being my own boss.   I like going to live events and seeing artists at work.  I have a strong need to live near water and to be able to walk by the ocean.  These are things that fit me.

When I started to work as a Life Energy Coach, I soon discovered that I was not the only one who has been asking the question “where do I fit?”  Many of the people I worked with were asking themselves the same question.  I began inviting people to turn this question around and to ask themselves what fits them.  When we do this, we begin to feel more empowered.  We can choose to create a life that fits who we are from the inside out.  When we begin to make our choices from this place, we shape our life around who we are and this brings a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment.

And you know what?  When we keep living into what feels like a fit for us, we end up discovering exactly where we fit.

Instead of asking yourself “where do I fit?”  Ask yourself “what fits me?”