When I have a decision to make, but feel lost in confusion, overwhelmed or uncertain about which direction to take, I turn to this question:  What do I know for sure?

I will sit down with a pen and paper and write this question across the top of the page.  Then I start to write everything and anything that I know for sure about the situation.  Sometimes, I only write a few sentences and other times I fill pages.  By writing my answers to this question, I gain clarity, I reconnect to my heart and I can hear the wisdom that is trying to emerge and guide me.

This simple question, ‘what do I know for sure?’ always helps me to feel grounded and centred when I am on the cusp of change.  It helps me gain my balance when the ground beneath my feet is shifting.  I use it a lot to navigate the uncertainty that comes with change and it hasn’t let me down yet.

If you feel confused and overwhelmed with trying to make a decision, you might want to give this question a try and see how it works for you.

What do you know for sure about this situation?

If it is a big decision you are making, you may come back to this question more than once.  You may come back to it daily until you gain enough clarity to take action.  I think of this question as one of my best decision making friends.  It has helped me make career decisions, it has helped me in relationships, and it has helped me move to new cities.  This question has helped me navigate the deep waters of many life changes.

I hope that it might help you as well.

What do I know for sure?

Here is a downloadable PDF file that you can use to journal with this question: