The other day, I was looking at a catalogue and my attention was hooked by an item for sale.  It was a glass jug designed to make homemade iced tea along with a large ice cube tray that you could freeze chunks of fruit in to make decorative ice cubes.  The whole picture looked so enticing that I was caught by a deep desire to buy the whole set.  I went back to the picture many times throughout the day and was tempted to put an order in.

Thankfully, one of my discernment questions eventually broke through my enchantment and I was able to ask myself ‘what am I trying to buy’?  I wanted more than the actual iced tea set.  What I truly wanted was the experience of sitting on my front porch, curled up in the sun, sipping iced tea and reading a book.  I wanted to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and have this cold refreshing drink to savour.

Once I recognized the experience I was longing to have, the advertisement no longer had an affect on me.  I was able to create the experience using items that I already had.  I realized that I had a beautiful glass jug that would be perfect for iced tea.  I had some delicious Mango Delight tea that I could brew in my favourite tea pot.  Within a few hours, I had a delicious jug of homemade iced tea ready and I was able to take a break and sit in my favourite chair and enjoy the heat of the sun, a few pages of my book and a refreshing glass of iced tea.

When I asked myself the question, what am I really trying to buy, I discovered that I already had everything I needed to create the experience that satisfied my inner longing.  I didn’t need to make a purchase, what I needed was to give myself permission to take action on the desire living in my heart.

Making a satisfying pitcher of iced tea may not be a huge deal, but it is a good example of how we end up making purchases that we don’t need when we actually have an underlying desire for an experience.  When we listen to the desire, we can often fulfill it without making additional purchases.

Often, underneath our impulse to make a purchase, there is an unmet desire longing to be fulfilled.  Give yourself the gift of asking the question: ‘What am I really trying to buy’?  Then, listen inwardly to your response.  You may discover more about what will give you lasting satisfaction and fulfillment.