For any woman who feels like her soul is calling her to make some changes in her life, Waking Up in Winter will be a tremendous gift to you.  I had to read it with my journal beside me to take notes, ponder questions, and capture quotes that spoke directly to my own heart.  Quotes like the following:

“There’s a subtle rumbling below the surface of my life, tremors that signal the need for change.”

“I’ve never been motivated to do more by feeling less than.”

“I watch myself saying No in order to do the things that matter to my soul.”

In this book, Life Coach, Cheryl Richardson, takes the risk of inviting us into the pages of her own journal.  By sharing honest moments from her own life, Cheryl takes the reader on a transformative journey of what happens when we have the courage to stop, listen and take action on the voice of our soul. Through reading the reflections of her inner journey, she gently guides the reader into their own personal reflections.

She poignantly shares what it is like to turn the corner into mid-life; to have the realization penetrate our hearts that we do not have an un-limited time here on earth.  She invites us into her journey of sorting through her life to re-prioritize what is truly important so that it shines through as the guiding light for the activities she chooses.  As she says:

“The thought of going back to the pace I used to keep feels intolerable.  Today, my ego is taking a backseat to my soul and my soul tells me there’s a different way to move forward.”

In my own experience, the soul’s cry grows louder in mid-life.  It will not be ignored.  Cheryl captures the natural process of life-review and evaluation that mid-life can draw us into.

Reading this book has helped me listen more deeply and attentively to the yearnings of my own soul.  It has taken me deeper into my own journaling practice so that I can be more attentive to the changes and the subtle rumbling beneath the surface of my own life.  This book has been the answer to helping me understand the restlessness I have been feeling inside.

Waking Up in Winter is truly a companion for the Soul and I read every word with a quiet sense of gratitude for the inspiration that made Cheryl write it.  I sincerely hope you give yourself the gift of reading this book.  It is a treasure trove of inspiration for the soul.

You can view the book here:

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