Richard Wagamese, an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario, was one of Canada’s best-selling authors and Starlight is the last book he was working on before he passed away on March 10, 2017.

Starlight is the last gift that Wagamese has left us, and I turned each page of this book with a growing sense of reverence and appreciation for the wisdom that Richard Wagamese poured into each paragraph and each character of Starlight.

This was a book I wanted to savour, so I read it slowly, and with a growing sense of gratitude for seeing the natural world through the eyes of the main character, Starlight.  Through his eyes and his words, you will receive a gift that nourishes the soul. Starlight takes you on journey of discovering a relationship with the land in which it becomes your teacher, healer, companion and guide.  As Starlight says:

“The way it works out there in the open country is that when ya come to know the way of a bear say, ya come to know somethin’ of the whole world and somethin’ of yourself at the same time.”

This book is filled with depth and with healing insights as Starlight teaches a young girl and her mother to be on the land and to allow it to create a sense of wholeness in the places that ache.  As the story unfolds, you discover how a relationship to the natural world returns a sense of deep inner peace, rightness, and strength when you commune with it, respect it and allow its quietness to enter you.

Richard is a master story teller and you can sense his gentle and wise nature in the characters of this story.  You also sense the hardships, hurts and wounds that created such wisdom and so each word you read feels like a gift offered from a kind and generous friend.

Starlight is more than a story, this book is food for the heart and soul that leaves you with a sense of reverence for the human spirit and the land that nurtures it.

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