Listen deeply for the presence of the sacred in your life.

How is Spiritual Direction Offered?

A Spiritual Direction session is an hour in duration and is treated with confidentiality.  It is usual to do Spiritual Direction once a month and to periodically evaluate how the process is helping you grow and deepen.   Spiritual Direction sessions are offered:

  • In person
  • Over the phone or Skype

What are the benefits of Spiritual Direction?

In much of the reading that I do, I come across the importance of creating time to be still and to connect to what is really important to you.  These moments of stillness enable us to listen inwardly and live life from a deeper place of knowing.  Through stillness and deep listening, answers often emerge that we were unaware of with our normal level of consciousness.  Spiritual Direction offers these gifts and more:

  • It helps you learn to be still and practice moments of silence.
  • It helps you develop a contemplative practice and way of being.
  • It gives you insights into your personal relationship with God.
  • It helps you recognize how the Divine is being present to you and your life.
  • It helps you develop discernment.
  • It cultivates a sense of peace, hope and fulfillment.
  • It helps you listen more deeply to your own heart and soul.
  • It helps you move through grief and fear.
  • It develops a deeper sense of awareness for the subtle voice of intuition.
  • It brings clarity and focus.
  • It can be very healing and uplifting. It offers insights for following your life path.
  • It helps you move forward again when you feel stuck.
  • It offers someone to listen to you with compassion.
  • It makes space for insights to arise.

How do you know if Spiritual Direction is right for you?

The following questions will help you identify if you would benefit from Spiritual Direction.

  • Do you read books by authors such as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson, Joyce Rupp, or Richard Rohr?
  • Do you have a yearning for spirituality, but are not necessary religious?
  • Do you have questions about what God (Spirit, the Creator, Source) wants from you in your life?
  • Do you read lots of books with a spiritual focus, and wish you could put some of the suggestions into practice?
  • Do you feel that life would be more fulfilling if you had a closer relationship with the Sacred (God, Creator, Universe)?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to talk about God’s presence in your life and would like to have someone who would listen with compassion and openness?
  • Are you going through a difficult time in your life and would like to feel the assurance of the Creator’s presence?
  • Would you like to develop a deeper sense of intuition and discernment?
  • Do you listen for the movement of the Sacred in your life, but seek more clarity and understanding?
  • Have you tried going to different churches, but have not found a match for your personal beliefs about the sacred?
  • Do you feel connected to the presence of the Divine and wish to deepen that sense of connection?