Getting to the Heart of the Matter

I have often been told that my services help people get to the heart of the matter. Feeling frustrated, contracted, or like you want something to change, but aren’t sure what are all signs that you are ready to grow and expand beyond your current conditions.  These feelings indicate that you are being called forward.

My style is one of trusting that we all have our answers within us, we simply need someone to listen, ask good questions, and help us discover our way forward at times. Each of the services I offer, help bring you home to yourself, where your inner truth resides. The work I am trained in will help you…


Grow Beyond...

  • Fear
  • Stagnation
  • Worry
  • Doubt
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Ingrained habits and behaviors that hold you back
  • What you already know

To Discover...

  • Your own healing
  • Your path forward
  • Your growth
  • Your potential and possibilities
  • Your Dreams


There are very few places in life where we feel truly listened to, yet we know that when we are heard, we heal.  I create safe spaces in which:

  • you will feel heard
  • you will connect to your inner wisdom
  • you will re-establish a sense of inner peace and knowing
  • you will release stress
  • you will strengthen your own grounded presence
  • you will establish mindfulness practices that work for you
  • you will discover actions you can take toward living your best life
  • you WILL find a way forward

Tree-Light-textInsight.  Clarity.  Direction.  Action.

As a Coach, I help people find clarity and focus around their dreams and goals. We all know the saying ‘I can’t see the forest for the trees.’ Often, we don’t know what steps to take in order to realize our dreams and goals. The dream may seem too big, the goal too daunting, and we become frozen in inaction.

As a Coach, I can help bring focus, clarity and direction to your dreams and goals so that you can take meaningful actions that are aligned with your true nature.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe labyrinth can be walked in many ways to deepen, enliven and enrich our experience of life.  Kathy offers a variety of labyrinth workshops that explore different ways of approaching this tool for prayer and meditation.

Kathy also offers her assistance to those who wish to create their own labyrinth.  She has helped groups and individuals build indoor and outdoor labyrinths throughout the Maritimes.

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a pattern that can be walked as a form of moving meditation.  A labyrinth pattern will have one path that leads in to a centre point and one path out.  As we walk the pathway into the centre of the labyrinth, we are metaphorically walking the path into our centre point, our place of inner stillness.  This is the place where we are connected to our deeper levels of awareness and where we are open to receiving insights, answers and guidance.

How is walking the labyrinth helpful?

Walking the pattern of the labyrinth naturally quiets the mind so that we can become connected to our inner guidance.  The pattern of the labyrinth helps us connect to our centre point, it helps us find the place where we are in balance.  As we walk the pattern, it is literally balancing the energy of opposites, such as yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and it can naturally bring about a state of inner harmony and cohesion.

The labyrinth can be walked in many ways.  A common approach is to walk the labyrinth with a question.  As we walk and our mind settles, we begin to open to receive new information in relation to the question we are asking.  The labyrinth can be very helpful to walk during times of stress, periods of spiritual seeking, when looking for answers, when feeling disconnected, or when we wish to celebrate and give thanks.

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Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is a means of supporting others as they awaken to the spiritual in everyday life.  This practice is also known as Spiritual Guidance or Spiritual Companioning and it is intended to assist you with listening deeply for the presence of the sacred in your life.

As a Spiritual Director, I am trained to accompany you in the exploration of the Spirit’s movement in your life by listening deeply to your experience of the Sacred and offering questions, images or reflections that invite insights and fresh understandings to emerge.  Listening for the Sacred also involves listening for the stirrings in your own soul and holding them before the Divine with love and an invitation to learn more about where and how God is being present to your needs, desires and growing edges.  The Spiritual Direction process is intended to help you develop and deepen your personal relationship with the Creator, God, Source, or Higher Power.  However you name the Sacred presence, Spiritual Direction helps you attune to this presence in a gentle manner that encourages growth, deepening and understanding.

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Wholebody Focusing


We begin to heal when we feel listened to. Wholebody Focusing offers a unique way of listening to your body-wisdom that supports self-awareness and emotional healing.

“It’s a process of becoming aware of the subtle level of knowing that speaks to you through your body.” ~Ann Weiser Cornell~

Wholebody Focusing gently gets to the heart of the matter in a compassionate and honouring way by listening to the messages that your body is sending you. This body-oriented process of listening to your inner wisdom helps you:

  • Integrate life experiences,
  • Overcome overwhelm,
  • Hear the wisdom of your inner Self
  • Create inner healing
  • Move through your stuck places
  • Live from a sense of inner vitality and wholeness
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What My Clients Are Saying

“I am not sure I would be able to figure out what I need to focus on if it weren’t for our sessions. Our time together has really emphasized the necessity for self-care and has led me down the path I was meant to follow. I wanted to say how much I appreciate our time together.  It is a pleasure to work with you.”

Beth, Nova Scotia

“For your generosity of spirit; for your calming presence; for your gentle way of being; for your passion for wholeness; for your deep faithfulness; for your wisdom.  Thank you.”

Mary, Nova Scotia

“In Kathy’s presence, I find peace in my soul. I am able to connect with a deep knowing inside myself and my life unfolds and flows in a way that is in alignment with who I am. Harmony, balance, peace, joy and health have been the benefits of working with Kathy. She is a gifted healer. All who come into her presence will experience this beautiful gift.”

Karen Dalton, Ph. D.

“Kathy, you are an absolute ‘gem’ in my life a ‘gift’ to my ‘well-being’. You are so
appreciated and I wish you life’s best.”

Linda, Nova Scotia

“The most wonderful thing I’ve gained from working with Kathy is how she personifies presence. She teaches me presence and inner stillness by how she lives, and she teaches me to trust my own inner sense of things. She teaches me to take my time, to go inside to see how I really feel, and to trust what I find inside myself.”

Suzanne, Ontario

“You helped me breathe into my heart again.  Thank you.”


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