I had gone to the beach for a walk and some solitude.  I was experiencing some health issues and an uncomfortable swelling in my legs and was wondering what to do about it.  As I was driving home from the beach, I looked out over the water and saw a Heron standing perfectly still, knee deep in the ocean.  Seeing it standing there filled my heart with such warmth and love.  It felt like the Sacred spoke straight to my heart with this image, offering me direction on what I need to do for my own healing to take place.  It just amazes me how, when my heart and eyes are open, I begin to see evidence of God’s love for me everywhere.  On this day, the Heron was sent as my teacher.

For years now, the Heron has been a symbol of inner stillness to me.  There is no creature on earth that can stand in perfect stillness the way that a Heron can.  It made me smile to see this Heron standing up to its knees in water.  I have been describing the swelling in my legs as being similar to standing knee deep in a swamp.  Seeing this heron sent a message directly to my heart that I am being asked to return to a state of inner stillness, to stop all the moving about and external activity, to stop, be still, rest and listen to my heart.

I am astounded at how the Sacred envelops us and is so available to us, if only we could take the time to see it and drink it in.  At times, I need the Sacred to call me back to a place of open receptivity in which inner healing can take place.

The Sacred Invitation

Give me your struggles

Let me absorb your pain

Rest awhile

Allow me in

Allow me in

I am the strength that restores

I am the breath that sustains

I am the love that nurtures

Stop searching for answers

Your answers are found within me

For you dwell within my loving embrace

You need only awaken from your slumber to discover my arms wrapped around you.

~Kathy Roy~