Heart Note Cards

“Heart Note Cards are inspired by images found in nature.  Use them to share gratitude and inspiration with those you love and appreciate”  Kathy

For a number of years, I have been gathering heart rocks, each time I find one I have a sense of Creation giving me a love note.  The idea for Heart Note Cards was born while I was walking the beaches of Grand Manan Island, NB.  I saw heart shaped rocks everywhere I went.  Rather than gather the rocks and take them home, I decided to take pictures of them.

My pictures of the heart rocks inspired me to share these love notes from nature with others.  I am a deep believer in the power of gratitude, inspiration and encouragement.  When we take the time to write a note to someone and let them know we are grateful for their presence in our lives, that they have inspired us, or that we see they need some encouragement, we ignite the energy of love.

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kathy-2I am a writer, facilitator, speaker, coach and spiritual director with a passion for helping people notice the sacred in their everyday lives.

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