I am craving something, but don’t know what, so my default has been to turn to food.  Yet nothing satisfies.

When I took time to simply sit and listen inwardly to the part of me that craves something, but is not feeling satisfied with food, the word that arose was Linger.

 Lingering.  That is what my soul-hunger is right now.  I want to linger in my life – absorb moments and allow them to fully become a part of me.  So much has happened over the last few months – so many experiences – my soul wants time and space to linger over it all – drink it in – savour it.

What I am truly hungry for is to feast on my life.

I want to linger in THIS moment before the next one comes.

Perhaps this is why I have a yearning to go on retreat – it will give my soul a chance to catch up with my life.  I want to set aside the To-Do list and have a chance to digest all that has happened over the past few months.

All the changes.

All the courageous steps.

All the growth.

All the challenges.

Giving myself space to linger in all of this allows integration to happen.  Satisfaction can settle in and I become nourished by my life.

Lingering and savouring my life before racing to meet the next challenge and ride the next wave of activity – this is what my soul hungers for right now.  Spaciousness.  Time.  Assimilation.  Feasting on the moments that enrich my life.

The questions I am left with and offer to you as well, are:

What moments would you like to linger over – linger in – feast on – and feed your soul?

When are you going to do this?