I share this poem with love and gratitude to the many friends, colleagues and mentors whose beauty has been a living example of what it is to live life as art.

To Live Life as Art

Is to be textured.
To let life speak in ways that touch my heart
And make me new from the inside.

Is to express.
The stirrings of my soul and to drink from the cup
Of inspiration.

Is to see.
To let my eyes drink in the beauty and to know
It is ALL beauty.

Is to witness.
The hidden dynamics
Of life that long to express themselves

Is to Open.
To the muse.
To the wonder.
To the mystery expressing itself in each moment.
To the love that can only come
As the dance,
As the song,
As the whisper,
As the painting.

Living life as art,
Is to mine the hidden depths
And release the sculptures from the stone,
The words from the formless,
The beauty from the wood,
The vessel from the clay.

The invitation keeps coming
To surrender to being a living expression of art.
To live a textured life.

~Kathy Roy~