Speed of Slow

In our western culture especially, we have become conditioned for immediate gratification and we are operating at a pace that is accelerating in speed, with an expectation that all of our needs be met immediately.  We have forgotten, in many respects, how to slow down.

The soul moves at the speed of slow.

When we are functioning at an accelerated speed all of the time, the soul becomes deprived of the nourishment that it needs.  I find this in my life, when my schedule is really busy, I am running from task to task, event to event and dropping into bed at 11:00 with my mind still racing.  This is not how the soul operates.  The soul is slower, richer and deeper and when we find ways to slow our pace to the pace of the soul, we drop into a place where the soul can be fed and find satisfaction.

When we are functioning at a fast and accelerated speed, we forget how to go deep.  As one of my friends says, we become surface dwellers.  We are thinking broad and fast, which our culture seems to encourage and celebrate right now.  What the soul longs for is the capacity to contemplate, to go deep, go slow and savour.  What is often surprising is that when we create moments in our day to drop down inside of ourselves, to make contact with our inner life, we usually come out of that time with clarity and focus.  Then, we naturally take actions that accelerate us along the path we really want to move on, and we don’t exhaust ourselves.

The soul longs to live into the space between the actions, to drop into the pauses.  It is in these pauses that the soul can inform us of the next direction to take.  A pause does not have to be an hour of meditation a day, though it can be that for some of us.  A pause is that moment to find our feet underneath us, to fully arrive in the moment and to allow our soul to catch up to us.  It is a moment to drink deep, to catch our breath, to orient ourselves, to see if what we are doing is fulfilling to us.  It is taking a time out, a brief respite in our day to simply BE.

Pausing is an opportunity to listen to our deeper selves, our deeper longings and to align more with that.  We need to regain and make space for this capacity to think deep, to go deeper, to bring our awareness to the inside of ourselves.  When we do we stop acting and reacting reflexively.  We act more in harmony with our hearts and souls and find a deeper sense of what is satisfying.
~Kathy Roy~