When the conditions are right and sunlight passes through crystals in the air, a halo appears around the sun.  The halo is caused by light refracting off the crystals and it creates this beautiful ring around the sun.  When I see this, it brings to mind an image of the sun breathing, creating more space around itself in order to share its light.

I have seen a number of these sun halos this Spring and it has made me think of how we can refract light into the world around us.  Spring is a season when the heat of the sun is growing, warming the earth and calling forth new life and new beginnings in all of creation, including us.

There is a mantra that I enjoy using at this time of year, a time when I feel myself re-awakening from my winter hibernation. I simply recite the phrase ‘Let there be light’ during my 20 minute meditation practice in the morning.

I find this practice enlivening and it enhances my energy for the day.  I feel more expansive after meditating with this mantra, as if my whole being is filled with light and radiating outward, refracting that light to the world around me.  I wanted to share this practice with you as you may find it a beautiful way to greet the day during this season of Spring.

Find a place to sit quietly for 5 – 20 minutes.
Connect with your breath, and silently introduce the mantra – Let there be light.
Repeat the mantra as you breathe.

You may wish to use this as a body prayer in the following way:

  • Let there be light in my mind and my consciousness
  • Let there be light in my heart and spirit
  • Let there be light in my solar plexus
  • Let there be light in my arms and hands
  • Let there be light in my legs and feet
  • Let there be light in every cell of my being
  • Let there be light in my thoughts
  • Let there be light on my path as I move through the day
  • Wherever I go this day, may I carry the light
  • Wherever it is needed in the world this day – Let there be light

Notice how you feel after working with this mantra.  For myself, after 20 minutes, I feel like I illuminate and refract light all around me, like the sunlight refracting off of crystals around the sun, I feel more expansive.  I will return to the practice throughout the day, especially when I am feeling an afternoon mental fog setting in.  This simple practice refreshes and restores clarity of thought.

Like seeds sprouting and reaching for the sun, may this practice awaken and enliven you this Spring.

Kathy Roy

Let there be light…