Our emotions and feelings are part of our inner compass that can help us find our ‘True North.’ Feelings like dissatisfaction can help us determine what we don’t want in our lives. Knowing what we don’t want can help us discover what we do want.

Dissatisfaction can be a gift from our soul. When we feel dissatisfied about some aspect of our life, it is often an indicator that we are ready to change something about our current situation or circumstances. When we befriend our dissatisfaction by listening to it, it often has some wisdom it wants to share with us.

When I am dissatisfied, I will journal about it. I write out all the details I can and get as specific as I can about what is causing me dissatisfaction. Writing it down is a way of being present to the dissatisfaction – a way of hearing it. When I see all the details on the page, I can begin to see what I need to change in order to shift the tide and create meaningful and satisfying experiences in my life.

Feeling dissatisfied is often a pointer that can help us see changes we can make to live in more alignment with our authentic self.
~Kathy Roy~