Insight.  Clarity.  Direction.  Action.

When we have someone who can:

  • Listen deeply
  • Ask questions that create shifts in awareness
  • Reflect back the insights they hear in what we are sharing
  • Hold a safe space for our dreams to grow
  • Help us see the bigger picture as it is emerging
  • Help us listen for our intuitive guidance
  • Help us maneuver the gap between where we are and where we want to be
  • Help us stay accountable for taking meaningful action
  • Support, encourage and cheer us on

We eventually find ourselves, safely standing on the fertile ground of our dreams.

With my coaching support and encouragement, I help you:

  • Develop clarity around your vision
  • Listen to your intuition and your inner guidance system that knows what you want
  • Outline and take meaningful action that moves you in the direction of your vision
  • Move beyond the barriers of fear, doubt and worry

My approach to Coaching is a wholistic one based on personal well-being in these key aspects of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Spirituality

We develop an overall vision for your life and from there, we delve into the specific goals and dreams you want to step into.  Creating your wholistic vision for your life is a powerful process that has the impact of:

  • Bringing you into alignment with your heart and soul
  • enlivening you with vitality
  • Increasing your desire to take action to live inside your vision

Increasing the desire you have for your vision builds the momentum you need to create the life you want to live.  The process I use to create your vision with you, helps you:

  • hear your own desires more clearly,
  • feel your vision deep in your heart
  • empower your vision with the energy of your heart.

Every time I help someone create their vision, it feels like I am giving them the most beautiful gift.

Over the years, there are many ways that I have coached individuals, however, my coaching practices usually fall into the three categories I have listed below:

Creativity Coaching

There is new life that wants to emerge through our creativity.  Creativity Coaching is like being a mid-wife to the birth of creative expressions and dreams, which may include:

  • creating work that feeds your soul
  • starting that writing or painting project
  • taking steps toward building your dream home
  • and more…

With creativity coaching, the possibilities are endless, yet the approach works with the energy of emergence.  It is about bringing a creative idea to life, giving it the space it needs to breathe and become.

As a Creativity Coach, I help people work with their creative ideas and inspirations to bring them into being.  I help you build the action plan that nurtures your creative project into reality by helping you:

  • capture your insights,
  • hear your intuitive guidance
  • take action on this inner guidance and creativity
  • and overcome fear and resistance that arises

Life Energy Coaching

How we derive our energy and sense of vitality consists of so much more than what we eat and put into our body.  Our vitality is also measured by how we treat ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, how we listen to ourselves, how we respond to the needs that arise within us, and how we interact with the world around us.

As a Life Energy Coach, I help you establish a greater sense of vitality by identifying patterns that are depleting your energy and helping you develop life-skills that fill you with vitality.  As a Life Energy Coach, I help you reconnect and develop:

  • a sense of grounded presence.
  • Better work/life balance
  • Skills to deal with feelings of overwhelm
  • Adopting a life-style that supports your mind/body/spirit
  • Deepening your capacity for self-care and self-compassion

With Life Energy Coaching, I help you listen to the wisdom within you that knows what is draining your energy.  I help you develop self-care practices that enhance your energy and well-being,

Spiritual Coaching

There is a popular quote that originated with Teilhard de Chardin:  “We are spiritual beings having a deeply human experience”.  Understanding and listening for the spiritual in our everyday lives can deepen our sense of purpose and enrich our lives on many levels.

Spiritual coaching helps you nurture the spiritual side of your nature, which includes connecting to your inner wisdom, intuition and guidance so that you live an inner-directed life.  The way I express it is living a Soul-Full life.  Spiritual Coaching helps you listen to your deeper yearnings for a meaningful life and take action on them.

As a Spiritual Coach, I help you:

  • Learn contemplative, mindful practices that keep you centred and grounded
  • Listen to your inner voice of wisdom
  • Trust yourself and your inner-knowing
  • Open your spiritual awareness
  • Develop daily practices that support you and enhance your well-being
  • Connect to your heart’s desires and bring them to light

With spiritual coaching, you develop your spiritual awareness and experience how this can keep you connected to your soul’s purpose and find the answers within that provide life solutions for personal or professional challenges.

Over the years, I have coached individuals with differing personal and professional goals, like:

  • Creating a retreat centre for women that helps them reconnect to the simple things in life and find deep restoration.
  • Helping care-givers create their own self-care practices so they can find balance in their lives
  • Helping professionals develop inner-resources to deal with stress and increase their well-being and vitality
  • Starting a business making hand-made bags and gift cards to sell at local Farmer’s Markets
  • Revisioning meaningful work for sole-proprietors experiencing burnout

My style of coaching is deeply intuitive and helps you access your creative energy and confidence in your ability to develop the skills and take the actions that will help you create a life you love living.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, and I began my coaching experience over 20 years ago when I taught a program called Investment for Excellence at Grant MacEwan College.