I have been walking the beach looking at the captivating mosaic of broken shells and beach stones.  There is a random beauty about the way the rocks and shells have been dropped in the sand by the receding tide of the ocean.  The beach has become the ocean’s canvas upon which to leave artful arrangements of her treasures.  Clumps of seaweed create lines on the beach that remember the path of the tide.  Bits of driftwood have been smoothed and reshaped by the water over time.  Jagged rocks have been worn and softened into smooth orbs.  The ocean delivers these gifts from her body showing me how rough spots and protective coverings get smoothed away by the waves of time.  I notice the driftwood has become weathered and is more beautiful than any artful design.

The lesson the ocean is showing me is that creativity is a natural emergence that comes from the inner self. I am to let creativity pop out of myself in the random form it wishes and to trust that the result will be a beautiful, chaotic and raw expression of appreciation for life. The process of creating smoothes and softens my rough edges.
All too often I feel that before I venture into an act of creativity I want to be assured that the outcome will be ‘worth’ the effort. By this I mean that I want the outcome to be gorgeous, perfect and amazing. This often puts unwarranted pressure on my ability to create and stifles the urge. I then succumb to the fear that my creative efforts will not be perfect and hold myself back from being creative.

Sand Mandala
The ocean reminds me that creativity calls for abandon. It calls for abandoning judgment and criticism. Stifling creativity is like trying to hold back the tide. It is a natural process that needs to occur for my well-being. The ocean does not judge how it brings in the tide, and I should not judge how my creativity expresses itself. Creativity is actually a chaotic and explosive process where ideas bubble to the surface to be carried in on the tide of my thoughts. Allowing the space and freedom for creative ideas and expression to land safely ashore is rewarding and healing.

Where is the canvas that catches the gifts of your creative expressions?