As I sat down to do my morning practice of gratitude and meditation, I was reflecting upon how grateful I am for choosing to live with simplicity in my life.  I was feeling my heart well up with gratitude for the gifts that aligning myself with simplicity have offered me.  As I was allowing the feeling of gratitude to wash through my heart, I felt tears well up in my eyes.  Tears are the way that I know I have touched on something important to my soul.

I sat with the feeling for a few moments and my gaze fell upon a vase on my bookshelf.  The vase was a gift from my wedding and I have never found anything to put in it.  It is a simple pottery vase and I had always felt like it was a shame that I didn’t use it or have an arrangement in it.

Today, as my meditative gaze took in the vase, the words ‘empty spaces are prepared and ready to receive’ came to me.  Again, I felt a warm flush move its way through my heart.  I knew this was an important message about simplicity.  I also knew that the vase was a reflection of myself.  When I empty myself of the thoughts that clutter up my mind, I become a clear vessel that is ready to receive new insights and inspirations.  When I can hold this space, even for a few seconds, an insight that feeds my soul can come to me.  This is what happened this morning.  The message that empty spaces are prepared and ready to receive is like a balm to my soul that has fed and nourished the life within me.  It is as though these words are an affirmation that my desire to live a life of simple abundance is the exact right choice for me.

In those very brief seconds in which all of this took place, I came to a much deeper understanding that I do not always have to fill each moment of my day.  I need empty spaces, because it is in these empty spaces that the inner ground of my soul is fertile and prepared to receive.

So, I return my gaze to the empty vase on my bookshelf and I give thanks for its emptiness and the symbol that it has now become of being the empty container that is prepared, ready and waiting to receive.

-Kathy Roy

Give yourself permission to have some ’empty spaces’ in your day…space to Simply BE.