Author: Kathy Roy

Longing to Linger

I am craving something, but don’t know what, so my default has been to turn to food.  Yet nothing satisfies. When I took time to simply sit and listen inwardly to the part of me that craves something, but is not feeling satisfied with food, the word that arose was Linger. Lingering.  That is what my soul-hunger is right now.  I want to linger in my life – absorb moments and allow them to fully become a part of me.  So much has happened over the last few months – so many experiences – my soul wants time and...

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Clear the Path before Me

When I become blocked on a project I am working on and I am unsure about the next step to take, I have a little ritual I do that is a prayer practice.  I wash my floors.  It may be my office floor, my kitchen floor or my dining room floor.  It sounds so simple, yet it is often the simple things that help us the most. I have found that washing my floors helps me find my way forward when I am stuck. When I fill a bucket with warm water, add some vinegar and a few drops...

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Friend of the Earth

This Thanksgiving, I find my heart filled with gratitude for the beauty of the natural world around me.  I have always loved being in nature because it restores me and fills me up.  Yet, this year I am all too aware of how often I come to nature with a desire to receive. I come to visit the ocean because I am sad, because I need rest or because I have a problem and am seeking an answer. I come for walks in the woods because I am seeking inspiration, I am seeking to relieve stress, or am seeking...

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Today, Tomorrow & Every Day by M.H. Clark

There is nothing more satisfying than giving a gift that you know will be an inspiration to someone – this book is such a gift.  Whether you are looking to be inspired yourself, or to offer encouragement and inspiration to a friend, the images and words in this book will touch the heart of the woman who receives it. Every page of Today, Tomorrow & Every Day is artfully arranged with evocative images and words that compel you to keep taking those steps toward the dream that lives in your heart. Today, Tomorrow & Every Day is a book...

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The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Ann Lembo

If you enjoy learning about how to use essential oils, then The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing is a wonderful book to add to your library (Click here to view the book).  Within the pages of this book, you will find a wealth of knowledge about the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits of 60 essential oils. Margaret Ann Lembo provides very practical information about the oils, such as the plants they are derived from, their chemical components, their therapeutic properties and any safety pre-cautions that should be considered when using the oil. In the introduction, she provides...

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