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Walking down the beach, I hear the waves crashing to the right of me.  It is a sound that is calming and reassuring for me.  There is a consistency to the ebb and flow of the waves hitting the shore that helps my breathing settle and deepen. To the left of me, there is a high cliff face of rich brown earth, stones and tree roots.  As I lift my gaze to the top of the cliff, I see the grass, bushes and trees growing along the ridge.  I stand for a moment, in awe of the colour and...

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Longing to Linger

I am craving something, but don’t know what, so my default has been to turn to food.  Yet nothing satisfies. When I took time to simply sit and listen inwardly to the part of me that craves something, but is not feeling satisfied with food, the word that arose was Linger.  Lingering.  That is what my soul-hunger is right now.  I want to linger in my life – absorb moments and allow them to fully become a part of me.  So much has happened over the last few months – so many experiences – my soul wants time and...

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Waking Up in Winter by Cheryl Richardson

For any woman who feels like her soul is calling her to make some changes in her life, Waking Up in Winter will be a tremendous gift to you.  I had to read it with my journal beside me to take notes, ponder questions, and capture quotes that spoke directly to my own heart.  Quotes like the following: “There’s a subtle rumbling below the surface of my life, tremors that signal the need for change.” “I’ve never been motivated to do more by feeling less than.” “I watch myself saying No in order to do the things that matter...

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Clear the Path before Me

When I become blocked on a project I am working on and I am unsure about the next step to take, I have a little ritual I do that is a prayer practice.  I wash my floors.  It may be my office floor, my kitchen floor or my dining room floor.  It sounds so simple, yet it is often the simple things that help us the most. I have found that washing my floors helps me find my way forward when I am stuck. When I fill a bucket with warm water, add some vinegar and a few drops...

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