There are times when a word just captures your attention and you know it has a deeper meaning and rhythm that speaks to your life.

This past week, the word ‘Attending’ settled itself into my heart and mind.  It brought with it an invitation to be aware of what I am attending to in my life. 

When I look up the word, attending, I see that some of the meanings associated with it are things like paying attention to, caring for, showing up, tending to, or being present with someone or something.

The word ‘attending’ has caught my attention because my soul wants me to be aware of where I am putting my attention.  It wants me to attend to the things that are most important.  I can sense that I have been attending many things that are mere details on the surface of my life.  My soul is pointing out to me that it wants me to attend to the things that bring me a sense of vitality and nourishment.

Where our attention goes, life grows.  I want to make sure that I am attending to the things that bring me satisfaction, nourishment and enjoyment. 

It is in attending to my need to be creative, to grow things – food, relationships, projects – that I feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.  I need to attend to these things on a more regular basis.  I need to write, I need to play with colour and beauty.  I need to simply allow myself to gaze at flower or a work of art and allow it to feed my soul.

It is not the busy-making activities that need my attention right now.  It is something deeper.  This word captured my attention for a reason.  It wants me to be conscious of what I am showing up for and giving my attention. 

I love that attending to something is equivalent to caring for it.  What thoughts am I nurturing in my mind?  Am I allowing my attention to rest on negative thoughts that bring my energy down?  Or, am I attending to thoughts of gratitude and appreciation?  What feelings am I nurturing in my heart?  I want to be attending to love in my thoughts and actions.  That is my deepest desire.

What about you?  What are you ‘attending’ these days?  What are you showing up for?

Is there a yearning within you to attend to something and you are ignoring it?  This is a question I have been asking myself all week.  I want to be attending my life with the fullness of my presence.  I want to savor it, whether it is watering my plants, caring for my family, or showing up to write or nurture my creativity – I want to be attending my life with the whole of me.

This word, attending, has been an invitation to be present to my daily living with the fullness of my presence.  It calls me to attend to my dreams, to my yearnings, to show up and listen to my own heart and what it needs.

Attending my life with all of the richness, challenges, offerings and gifts that it holds cultivates presence.  It is only by attending my life fully that I get to mine the treasures Life is offering me in each moment – like noticing the Cardinal sitting in the branches of my tree just outside my window as I work in my office this morning.

Becoming curious about this one word, attending, and allowing myself to examine it is opening up doors in my mind.  It is inviting me to fall more in love with my life by noticing, caring for, and nurturing the subtle details of my living.

Attending is more than showing up, it is showing up with all of who you are so that you are a full participant in your life.  It is more than watching, doing, wondering; it is the active process of caring for, nurturing and tending to life with love, with heart – with the desire to notice the blessings and the riches that are being offered moment to moment.

Kathy Roy