Life Unfolding
By Kathy Roy

Release and let go,
The tighter you grasp, the less you know.

Settle yourself amidst the questions of your heart.
It is okay to not know the answers.
Asking the questions sets forth motion.

You are not stuck like you think you are.
You are sitting in the very centre of emergence.
You are in the place of life unfolding.

Sit among the questions.
Relax and release your mind.
Answers float around you, waiting for a question to find.

A number of years ago, I drew this mandala and called it ‘Life Unfolding’.  Whenever I am stuck in an area of my life, I have often found that turning to my creativity will give me the next step forward.  Working with my creativity, especially drawing mandalas, creates the space within for wisdom to emerge. While I was creating this mandala, the words came to me that:

‘the answers float around you, waiting for a question to find’.

When we ask a really good question, we open the path for the answers to find their way to us.  I believe it was Einstein that said that if he were given an hour to solve a problem, he would spend the first 55 minutes coming up with the right question to ask in order for the solution to come to him.

Asking good questions is a form of inquiry and it helps us not only become critical thinkers, but to open ourselves to inspired thinking where we can access new ideas and perspectives about the issue we are seeking answers to.  A good question may be something like:

  • If I were to move, what would I love in my new house?
  • If I were to change jobs, what would really get me excited about going to work in the morning?
  • What would my ideal vacation look like?

These are examples that take you into the possibilities.  Imagine Thomas Edison asking himself, ‘If I could create light, without using oil or fire, what would I use?’  This is a possibility question.

If there is an area of your life you would like to change, spend a few minutes formulating an expansive question.  You might sit quietly and hold your question in your mind and heart like a prayer, then pick up a pen and write down all the answers that come to you.

You may choose one of the items from your list to take action on.   In doing this, you have just taken a first step toward inspired living.

Sitting with the questions allows new thoughts to be born, it is the place of emergence.