The sound of a river rushing by caught me by surprise and I turned to see that it was the voice of the wind playing with the leaves of a tree.  It made me smile and I acknowledged the wind and the way it can mimic other sounds in nature.  The wind has a voice of its own and it uses it in many different expressions.  What I have noticed though, is that the wind makes the most unique sounds when it is rubbing up against something else.  All on its own, the wind can be almost silent.  Yet when it dances across the path of a tree, it creates music and harmony with the leaves.  When the wind blows across the windows of my home, it whistles and when it bounces off the walls of a cave, it echoes and calls to me.

I love the voice of the wind.  It is dynamic and it changes with everything that it comes in contact with.  I love that it not only has a sound, but it also has a feel.  On a warm summer day, it can come as a light and refreshing breeze that touches my skin.  On a winter day, it comes with a force that stings my cheeks and makes my forehead ache.  At any moment, the touch of the wind can shift and can feel different upon me.

Each of us can also play with the music of the wind with our own voice.  It is only the force of air moving across our voice box that allows us to make sound.  We can control how loud the sound is or how soft depending on how we use the air that is breathing us.

Wind, air, breath, they are all the same thing.  They all have a voice.  They all have a touch.  It depends upon the force with which they blow as to the impact of that voice.  As I make myself an instrument for the wind to play through and allow the air itself to breathe through me, I am partaking in a dance with the universe.  I am co-creating and making music with my voice, my breath, my being.  I choose to make the dance a peaceful one today.  I choose to allow my breath to be soft.  I choose to allow the wind of my voice to create currents of love that ripple into the universe.

Each day, it is a choice I can make as to how I want to interact and play with the wind.  What impact do I want to have on the world around me?  The wind and I are partners in this dance of life.  I am an instrument for the wind, just like the leaves of the tree I walked past, the wind plays a song with my voice and with my life.  This day, I pray I make the song a beautiful one.
~Kathy Roy~

“I am but a feather on the breath of God. “

Hildegard de Bingen