Kathy Roy on Heart and Soul Living What helps us stay in alignment with our heart and soul? These are questions I seek answers to and this is what Heart and Soul Living is about. What gets in the way? How do we sustain our inner vitality to keep walking our path? What inspiration do you need today? Body Wisdom Creative Life Spirituality Joy, Happiness, and Positivity Grace and Gratitude Living from Enough Mind Matters Nature Patience and Presence Poetry Book Reviews Videos Quotes

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Whether it is entering the forest or someone’s home, whenever anything new comes into a...

on Heart and Soul Living

On Heart and Soul Living is an on-line journal with articles, tools and resources that offer inspiration and support for living from your most authentic self. 

I hope to evoke, not direct

The articles on this site are meant to be evocative, not directive. Everything you find here is meant to be an offering and what is offered, may or may not be true for you.

The invitation extended through the articles on this site are an invitation to get to know yourself better and what works for you. When you read an article, notice what it evokes within you. Use what is evoked to gain more clarity about your own journey of living the heart and soul connection.

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kathy-2I am a writer, facilitator, speaker, coach and spiritual director with a passion for helping people notice the sacred in their everyday lives.

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