Courage to Fly

CouragetoflyThis week, I felt called to revisit this mandala that I created a number of years ago. The poem Courage to Fly flowed forth after I drew the mandala. It is often the case that one creative outlet will lead to another. In this case the mandala and the poem came through me as a way of supporting me in stepping forward with my dreams. I offer these words today to all of you who could use a little bit of courage to take a step in the direction your heart is calling you. May you have the…

Courage to Fly

From where does the courage come?
The message says to fly.

From where does the courage come?
Step out and spread your wings.

From where does the courage come?
I will catch you, lift you and make you soar
on the wind.

From where does the courage come?
Trust that the desire inside of you is from me.

From where does the courage come?
Your heart.
Your soul.
Your wings. Continue reading Courage to Fly

Living Life as Art

I share this poem with love and gratitude to the many friends, colleagues and mentors whose beauty has been a living example of what it is to live life as art.

To Live Life as Artpaintandbrush2

Is to be textured.
To let life speak in ways that touch my heart
And make me new from the inside.

Is to express.
The stirrings of my soul and to drink from the cup
Of inspiration.

Is to see.
To let my eyes drink in the beauty and to know
It is ALL beauty.

Is to witness.
The hidden dynamics
Of life that long to express themselves.

Is to Open –
To the muse.
To the wonder.
To the mystery expressing itself in each moment.
To the love that can only come –
As the dance,
As the song,
As the whisper,
As the painting.

Living life as art,
Is to mine the hidden depths
And release the sculptures from the stone,
The words from the formless,
The beauty from the wood,
The vessel from the clay.

The invitation keeps coming
To surrender to being a living expression of art.
To live a textured life.
~Kathy Roy~

On Beauty

beautyunveiledOne of the biggest challenges many of us face is the challenge to accept and appreciate our own beauty.
Too often we are consumed with feelings of not being good enough. It takes a commitment to doing the inner work of excavating the depths of our capacity to love and to shine the light of love on ourselves, as well as on others, for beauty to be revealed.

This is a journey from fear to Love.
A journey of letting go of what others think of us.
A journey of allowing ourselves to be seen.
A journey of accepting ourselves from the inside out.

We were born perfection and it is the outside voices that intrude and make us believe we are anything other than perfect exactly as we are. That inner-most part of ourselves that carries our soul-light is pure love. We cause ourselves pain and suffering when we cannot see this.

Learning to see and accept our beauty, rather than be caught in habitual cycles of counting our faults is not an easy task. It takes a willingness to see, accept and embrace our talents, our gifts, our capacity to love and embrace the unique expression of Life that we are. It takes tenacity and willingness to move from self-rejection, to self-acceptance and to allow our inner light to become even more radiant so that it can shine out into the world as a Love that embraces, accepts and honours the beauty inherent in all living things.

A number of years ago, I created this mandala. When I was done creating it, the name ‘Beauty Unveiled’ came to me along with the words:
“Gaze out into the world with eyes of Love and beauty is revealed.
Gaze inward upon yourself with eyes of love and beauty is unveiled.”

Today, may the words of the prayer below touch your heart and help you to see your own light, your own beauty, so that you no longer feel the need to hide your light under a bushel, but allow it to shine so the whole world can benefit from the beauty that is YOU.

‘O God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.”
~Macrina Wiederkehr~

An Open Invitation

Sit for a momentBench

Let go of rushing
Feel your body

Sit for a moment

There is love for you here
In this moment


Allow your heart to open


Return again
To the love that you are


Remember what you are


Ignite the flame within


Now move with purpose
Into the day ahead

Know you can come back whenever you need
To Sit
To Breathe
To Connect
To Remember
To Love

I have been asked to read this poem so that it can be used as a morning reflection. So I offer it here as a spoken invitation: